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RFID Laundry Tags in The Application of Fabric Laundry Management

Whether it is a star hotel or an economic chain hotel, fabric is an indispensable and important material. It is a great challenge to effectively complete the daily handover of laundry, track and manage the washing process, number of times, inventory status and effective

5 Things You Should Know About UHF RFID on Metal Tags

When you’re mounting RFID tags on metal surfaces or metal products, you should be aware that if you use non metal mount RFID tags, your system will not function as desired as the metal will detune any passive RFID tag that is not designed

Flexible RFID Tags for Metals

The RFID solution for metals is designed to avoid the RFID malfunction since metals negatively affect the RFID’s performance. As a rule, the RFID label cannot be in contact with metals. That’s why this RFID label for metals is set on foam. In this

Purchase Guide-RFID printers

RFID printers belong to high-end printing equipment, currently manufacturers put the most comprehensive and powerful features, and the most advanced technology applied in RFID printers, so the RFID printers on the market are not much difference in the function. Therefore, users should mainly consider

8 Popular Applications Based on UHF RFID Handheld Terminals

UHF RFID handheld terminal, also known as UHF handheld or UHF RFID handheld Reader or handheld PDA. it has the function of RFID reading and writing, can read RFID electronic tags for rapid batch reading, at the same time can use radio frequency identification

UHF RFID Handheld Terminals Make Inventory No Longer Say Difficult!

With the rapid advance of intelligent production, various links require higher, production and sales of automation and asset management concerns continue to strengthen. RFID technology has become one of the important builders of intelligence, with great contribution in the rapid inventory contribution. UHF RFID

3 Guidelines To Select A Passive UHF RFID Antenna For Your Application

Selecting a passive UHF RFID antenna can be a confusing task to those who are new to RFID. Passive RFID antennas typically look physically similar, so it is primarily their technical specifications that set them apart from each other.  When selecting an RFID antenna, the three most

4 Types of Memory in RFID Tags

Q:  In UHF Gen 2 tags, what are the different types of memory and how will I know when to use each type? A:  Gen 2 RFID tags are comprised of an antenna and a chip (more accurately called an integrated circuit, or IC).

Circular Polarization vs. Linear Polarization: Which is the Right RFID Antenna?

The choice between circular polarization antennas and linear polarization antennas can make a significant difference in an RFID system. Linear polarization occurs when electromagnetic waves broadcast on a single plane (either vertical or horizontal).  Linear polarized antennas must have a known RFID tag orientation and the RFID