RFID jewelry management systems are becoming more and more popular today.

Inventory inefficiency has been a big problem for many jewelry retailers. Most jewelry counting is done manually. Due to the small size and large quantity, the inventory work often takes a long time. According to the survey, it takes at least five hours to count inventory, which makes it impossible to take inventory in a very timely manner, sometimes only once every few months. at the same time. Jewelry is a high-value product, and it is easy to be stolen when there are many people, which also brings a lot of pressure to the clerk. This requires the use of UHF RFID jewelry management system to improve inventory efficiency and anti-theft.

Advantages of RFID in Jewelry tracking

  • Boost up the inventory & stock taking process from the production to the POS.
  • At POS, bill can be generated by just scanning the RFID tag of the jewelry.
  • Search the desired jewelry in an instant of time

Stop spending time looking for items. The search feature allows you to find an item or range of items. Multiple trays of products can be scanned and the program will notify you as soon as it finds the item you’re looking for.

  • Fetch the history of the item.

Each item is assigned a unique ID, therefore each item will have the capability of reporting its own unique history of transactions. This allows for quicker resolution of lost items.

How RFID In Jewelry Management Works



We are aware that jewels are valuable items. But they are difficult to tag because of its size.

If you need to control assets like ring, necklace, earring or other jewels, then you need RFID tags for jewelry. For example, when you manage a jewelry chain. Also for watches, or for glasses.

Jewelry tag was designed specifically for small items like rings, necklaces, earrings and even watches and glasses.

Our RFID tag for jewelry and bijoux is discreet and soft. We know that our customers need RFID tags for jewels very discreet. At the same time, they need that it secures the product’s safety.

Finally, thanks to the tag’s shape it’s easy to link to items.

Ø RFID Handheld Reader

  • It is a portable reader which is used to read the RFID tag on jewelry.
  • The information corresponding to the tag will be displayed on the screen of the handheld reader.
Ø RFID Desktop Reader

  • It is a compact and cost-effective contactless reader and writer which supports ISO18000-6C tags.
  • It is designed for fast integration into different systems.
  • It can be easily integrated into existing data collection applications such as portable terminals, access control and etc.
Ø Application Software

An application software will be designed as per the requirements i.e. jewelry inventory, tracking, billing, searching etc.

Ø RFID Jewelry Tray
  • The Jewelry trays are used to place a lot of jewelries together.
  • When the trays of jewelry are removed from the safe room, they are scanned in multiples of 50 to 100 pieces of jewelry at a time, saving employees valuable time.
  • The information is stored in the computer software system, and at the end of the day the trays are scanned again before storing them back in the safe room.
Ø RFID Smart Shelf
  • A RFID smart shelf scanner is placed inside display cases in jewelry stores.
  • Tracking takes place as a customer request to see a piece of jewelry. With the use of software, reports are sent through the scanner and stored in the software on the computer.
  • The systme alerts the manager if a piece of jewelry is missing or stolen.


  1. Initialize an RFID tag using desktop reader writer.
  2. Tag the jewelry with a specific RFID tag which consist of the information of that jewelry.
  3. Tagged jewelry can be read using handheld reader or desktop reader.
  4. The information will be updated in the central database.

Our team will do its best to offer the best consumables and hardware for your RFID system for jewelry, bijoux and watches. Just ask us for your solution.

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