The RFID solution for waste management utilizes the power of RFID to identify and track waste bins. When the truck empties the bin, the RFID tag is read and weighed to bill according to the amount of waste produced.

RFID, radio-frequency identification, is one of the most prominent technologies of today’s waste management sector. Basically, RFID technology is about digital data collection. These digital data are encoded from a reader by radio waves. After that, this encoded data is collected in a database. Today, RFID technology is used in various tracking processes. It can be used in industrial waste collection tracking or waste truck tracking.


  • Accurate information with less effort & lower labor costs.
  • Real-time visibility of stocks & location of equipment.
  • The actual status of Bins collected across the city.
  • Bin pick/drop/in-yard/cleaning status with GPS, RFID
  • Easy accounting of travel routes of garbage trucks and automatic recording for each individual cart pickup with no required driver interaction on the pick-up route.
  • Simplify the process of delivery by saving time, reducing human errors and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Best cost-effective, faster, more accurate data reporting. No manual data entry is required.
  • Waste bin RFID tags simplify service billing and support the implementation of incentive-based invoicing.


Waste bins that have RFID tags fitted in them are picked up by disposal trucks equipped with RFID readers. These readers record the exact time and place every time a waste bin is emptied. This automatic data collection makes data reporting cheaper, faster and accurate.

RFID Tags are attached to the waste bin at every household in all regions. This RFID tag contains a unique Identification which represents each household’s customer information. Also, a reader, antenna and scale are mounted on a garbage truck. The reader and antenna communicate with the RFID tags. The RFID tag, located on the cart, transmits its unique ID. The reader on the truck will receive this ID as each waste bin is emptied and weighs the bin.

Data collected from the tags, which can be linked with a timestamp, type of container, weight of the container, truck’s identity, load description and customer information, can also be stored in the truck’s onboard computer and later transferred to a central waste management system for data processing or can be directly transferred to a central server through GPRS.

If your main aim is to improve your efficiency in your municipality or your business, then RFID should be your choice! With the utilization of RFID, achieving operational efficiency is effortless. RFID will provide you with the most efficient way of waste tracking. In the United Kingdom, Germany and various European Union countries utilize RFID. Also, in the U.S RFID is used by various businesses. Moreover, with RFID you can digitize your operations in smart waste management. Tracking your vehicles and optimizing fleet management will be done smoothly with RFID solutions. It is no more a big matter for you to track your waste trucks.

You can manage your operations successfully with geofencing. High-tech geofencing is a solution involved in RFID solutions and it ensures your business’s or your municipality’s assistance, monitoring and achieving operational excellence. If you want to have comprehensive control over your business or municipality tasks fulfilled, then you should definitely give RFID solutions a try!

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