Purchase Guide-RFID printers

RFID printers belong to high-end printing equipment, currently manufacturers put the most comprehensive and powerful features, and the most advanced technology applied in RFID printers, so the RFID printers on the market are not much difference in the function. Therefore, users should mainly consider the cost of use and the RFID tags to be used is UHF or HF.

RFID tags are higher in the current market price, a label price of $ 0.1-1, or even higher costs, and the consumption of tags is huge. So when buying bar code printers, be sure to buy a printer with high utilization rate of RFID tags. RFID printer good or not, it will have a direct impact on the cost of the label, which is mainly reflected in the following areas.
(1) the accuracy of RFID label printing and inspection.
(2) the proper handling of mislabeling, waste labels.
(3) allow the minimum distance between the chips.
The above three points determine the cost of later use. Tag waste, print invalid, and wrong label can not be identified, it will definitely increase your cost of use, while reducing efficiency.

In addition to the above, RFID printers can be divided into two types according to RFID reading and writing frequency: high frequency (HF) or ultra-high frequency (UHF).

  • High-frequency RFID printers work at 13.56MHz, the wavelength of the frequency is about 22m, which can print high-frequency RFID tags (electronic labels).
  • UHF RFID printer is faster than high-frequency in data transmission rate, can read and collect data in bulk, can print UHF RFID tags (electronic labels).

Compared with high frequency,it has better data reading distance and higher data transmission speed,and can read and collect a large number of electronic tags in a shorter time.

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