RFID Laundry Tags in The Application of Fabric Laundry Management

Whether it is a star hotel or an economic chain hotel, fabric is an indispensable and important material. It is a great challenge to effectively complete the daily handover of laundry, track and manage the washing process, number of times, inventory status and effective categorization of each piece of laundry, and there are many difficulties in the traditional way of laundry management.

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(1) Paper-based laundry task handover, complicated procedures, and difficulty in query
(2) Due to the fear of cross-infection, it is impossible to count the number of laundry to be washed, and the mismatch between the amount of laundry and the amount collected can easily lead to commercial disputes.
(3) Each step of the laundry process cannot be accurately monitored, and the fabric is not processed.
(4) The use of fabric and the number of washing cannot be accurately recorded, which is not conducive to the scientific management of fabric.

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Invoking RFID wireless radio frequency identification technology, the ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID laundry tags are applied to the intelligent management of laundry, building a laundry industry to quickly receive clothes, sorting, automatic inventory, take the clothes of the efficient work platform, greatly improving efficiency and reducing the error rate.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) laundry tags have become increasingly popular in the application of fabric laundry management. These tags are small, durable, and waterproof, and can be attached to individual garments or linens, allowing them to be easily tracked and managed throughout the laundry process.

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RFID laundry tags work by using radio waves to communicate with RFID readers. RFID laundry tags are built into the fabric and can be used by RFID handhelds to achieve full tracking of the fabric. Using the uniqueness of UHF RFID tags and the RFID handheld readers can be long-distance fast one-time batch scanning characteristics, its application in the fabric laundry management has the following characteristics:
(1) UHF RFID laundry tags can withstand more than 200 times of washing, with the characteristics of waterproof, anti-detergent, good heat resistance, etc.
(2) UHF RFID readers can quickly read, list and sort hundreds of pieces of cloths from trolleys and baskets from 5 meters away, and instantly grasp the use of cloths.
3)Automatic identification, counting and tracking of all cloths, automatic report generation to monitor the inventory situation, and accurate inquiry of how many times each cloth has been washed and where it was last placed.
4) RFID laundry tags can help hotels save money by reducing the amount of labor required to manage the laundry process and by minimizing the need for replacement linens and garments due to loss or damage.

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Through the statistical analysis function of registration, handover, internal management and backstage data, we can accurately get the washing situation of each individual fabric, life analysis and other data, which helps the hotel management to grasp the quality of the fabric and other key indicators, and according to these analysis data, when the fabric reaches the maximum number of times of washing, the system can receive an alarm and promptly remind the staff to replace it, improving the hotel’s service level and improve customer experience.

Overall, the use of RFID laundry tags in hotel fabric laundry management is a smart and innovative solution that can help hotels improve their operations, reduce waste, and provide better service to their guests.

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