The RFID solution for access control is an RFID controlled vehicle access control system. The solution can be used for parking areas with gates / barriers or several gates or barriers. Typical applications are:

  • Company parking
  • Underground parking or parking lots of residential complexes, fire brigades, public offices or apartment blocks
  • Access to the private garage or parking
  • Access control on construction sites including logging
  • Management von pool cars
  • Inventory management of vehicles


  1. Enhanced Security:
    One of the primary concerns in vehicle access control is ensuring the security of vehicles and property. With RFID solutions, security is significantly enhanced. RFID tags or cards contain unique identifiers that are read by RFID readers, allowing only authorized individuals to gain access. Unlike traditional keys or access cards, RFID tags are difficult to duplicate, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry or theft. This advanced level of security provides peace of mind for vehicle owners and organizations alike.
  2. Streamlined Access Management:
    RFID technology offers a streamlined approach to access management. Administrators can easily assign, modify, or revoke access privileges in real-time, allowing for efficient control over who can access specific vehicles or areas. This flexibility is particularly valuable in scenarios where access needs to be granted temporarily, such as car rentals or temporary parking permits. Additionally, RFID systems provide detailed access logs, enabling better monitoring and auditing capabilities.
  3. Seamless Integration:
    RFID solutions seamlessly integrate with existing access control systems, making them a versatile choice for various environments. Whether it’s a parking lot, corporate facility, residential complex, or car rental agency, RFID can be easily incorporated into the infrastructure without significant modifications. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition from traditional access methods to RFID technology, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
  4. Convenient User Experience:
    RFID technology offers a convenient user experience for vehicle owners and authorized personnel. Instead of fumbling with keys or access cards, users can simply approach the access point, and the RFID reader will automatically detect and authenticate their RFID tag or card. This contactless and efficient process saves time and eliminates the need for physical interaction, enhancing user satisfaction and convenience.
  5. Scalability and Adaptability:
    RFID solutions are highly scalable and adaptable to various requirements. Whether you manage a small parking lot or a large-scale facility, RFID systems can be easily expanded or customized to meet your needs. From single-vehicle access to fleet management, RFID provides the flexibility to accommodate different scenarios. This scalability ensures that your access control system can grow alongside your organization’s needs.
  6. Cost-Effective Solution:
    While implementing RFID technology may require an initial investment, it offers long-term cost savings. Traditional key-based systems often incur expenses related to key duplication, replacement, and maintenance. RFID eliminates these costs by providing a durable, contactless solution that reduces the risk of loss or damage. Additionally, the efficiency of RFID systems reduces the need for manual labor associated with traditional access methods, further reducing operational costs.


    Fast, economical and highly secure: this is how vehicle identification, parking management and access control systems need to be. Our UHF RFID readers make this possible. They can be integrated into existing access control solutions or used as stand-alone systems.



    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology has revolutionized vehicle access control systems, providing a secure and efficient solution for managing and controlling vehicle entry and exit. Let’s delve into the details of an RFID vehicle access control solution and explore how it works:

    1. RFID Tags or Cards:
      RFID tags or cards are the key components of the vehicle access control system. These small, electronic devices are equipped with a unique identifier or code that is read by RFID readers. The tags can be attached to the windshield, license plate, or any other suitable location on the vehicle, while the cards can be carried by individuals for access purposes.
    2. RFID Readers:
      RFID readers are installed at access points such as entry gates, parking lot entrances, or restricted areas. These readers emit radio frequency signals that power the RFID tags and communicate with them. When a vehicle with an RFID tag approaches an access point, the reader detects the tag’s presence and reads its unique identifier. The maximum coverage range can reach 20 meters.
    3. Access Control Software:
      The RFID readers are connected to an access control software system, which manages the entire vehicle access control process. The software stores the authorized tag or card information, maintains a database of access privileges, and enables real-time access control management. It allows administrators to assign, modify, or revoke access permissions, generate access reports, and monitor system activity.
    4. Authentication and Verification:
      When a vehicle approaches an access point, the RFID reader captures the unique identifier from the tag or card. The reader then sends this information to the access control software for authentication and verification. The software checks the identifier against the authorized database and determines whether access should be granted or denied.
    5. Access Granting Mechanisms:
      Once the access control software verifies the RFID tag or card, it sends a signal to open the access barrier or gate, allowing the vehicle to enter or exit the desired area. This can be achieved through various mechanisms such as automatic gates, boom barriers, or bollards. The access control software can also integrate with other systems like surveillance cameras or intercoms for additional security measures.
    6. Logging and Reporting:
      An important feature of RFID vehicle access control solutions is the ability to log and report access activities. The system maintains a comprehensive log of all access events, including entry and exit times, vehicle details, and associated RFID tags or cards. This data can be used for auditing purposes, generating access reports, and identifying any suspicious or unauthorized activities.
    7. Integration and Scalability:
      RFID vehicle access control solutions are designed to integrate with existing access control systems, making them highly adaptable to different environments. They can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras or biometric systems, to create a comprehensive security infrastructure. Moreover, the solutions are scalable and can accommodate the needs of small parking lots as well as large-scale facilities or smart cities.

    In summary, an RFID vehicle access control solution comprises RFID tags or cards, RFID readers, access control software, authentication and verification processes, access granting mechanisms, logging and reporting capabilities, and integration options. By leveraging RFID technology, organizations can enhance security, streamline access management, provide a convenient user experience, and gain valuable insights into vehicle access activities.

    Long Range UHF RFID Tag Reader

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