The RFID solution for access control is an RFID controlled vehicle access control system. The solution can be used for parking areas with gates / barriers or several gates or barriers. Typical applications are:

  • Company parking
  • Underground parking or parking lots of residential complexes, fire brigades, public offices or apartment blocks
  • Access to the private garage or parking
  • Access control on construction sites including logging
  • Management von pool cars
  • Inventory management of vehicles


  • Easy access without interaction by the driver (not operating a transmitter or stalling a proximity card to a reader – when it rains you stay dry)
  • Good identification of authorized vehicles also in bad weather conditions (snow or dirt on the plate do not matter)
  • Motorcycles or bicycles can be equipped with an RFID transponder – or the driver has an RFID card
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Cost-effective passive RFID transponder – no battery assisted tags needed
  • Comfortable unlocking of authorization cards or windshield transponders
  • During operation, no network connection is needed – standalone solution on the RFID reader

Fast, economical and highly secure: this is how vehicle identification, parking management and access control systems need to be. Our UHF RFID readers make this possible. They can be integrated into existing access control solutions or used as stand-alone systems.

Contact us with any questions you might have about UHF RFID solutions for access control and tracking for vehicles, equipment, packages, parts and more.

Yiiro products recommended for access control

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UHF RFID on Metal Tag
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