UHF RFID Handheld Terminals Make Inventory No Longer Say Difficult!

With the rapid advance of intelligent production, various links require higher, production and sales of automation and asset management concerns continue to strengthen. RFID technology has become one of the important builders of intelligence, with great contribution in the rapid inventory contribution. UHF RFID handheld terminal collection will change the traditional manual inventory work of the equipment, due to the cumbersome operation of the inventory link, easier to make mistakes, and artificially inefficient. RFID handheld terminal collection equipment easily solves these problems, so that the rapid inventory work is easily completed, and the accuracy rate is very high. UHF RFID handheld terminal makes inventory no longer say difficult!

rfid logistics warehousing distribution center

For example, asset management, the enterprise’s production equipment and inventory goods are large in number and high in density, and some of the equipment operates at high temperatures. Based on the traditional bar code or QR code, it will face the following two typical problems.

barcode scanning
  • barcode or QR code labels are easily damaged and have high replacement costs.
  • can not scan all the QR codes in an area at once in bulk, the operation is inefficient.

In contrast, RF receiver life is long, high tolerance to harsh environments, and handheld mobile RFID scanner can be scanned at once to receive data from multiple receivers, the perfect solution to the above two problems. Therefore, the use of RFID solutions to replace the QR code has become a new choice for enterprises to solve problems such as production automation and asset management.

rfid fast inventory

By reading the information of goods through the UHF RFID handheld reader and comparing with the system’s goods, it is easy to find out the quantity, type, warranty period and other information of goods. Compared with the traditional inventory work, it not only saves a lot of human resources and reduces labor costs, but also improves the efficiency and accuracy, and reduces the loss of the enterprise.

UHF RFID handheld terminal, also known as PDA, is suitable for mobile, inconvenient occasions due to its lightweight shape and industrial-type design. Through RFID read-write function, using radio frequency identification technology for data non-contact, automatic collection, long-distance identification, can read RFID electronic tags, widely used in logistics warehousing and distribution management, retail stores inventory, manufacturing workshop parts, semi-finished products, finished products management, fixed asset management, outdoor equipment mobile inspection, patrol and other kinds of asset inventory management.

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