Wholesale UHF Handheld RFID Reader Writer

reliable uhf rfid handheld reader

Wholesale UHF Handheld RFID Reader Writer

Handheld RFID reader is a good choice for reading tags on the go or in the field. It has an integrated antenna and a display for easy operation and instant interaction with data, and can communicate with a host or smart device while reading tags. Handheld RFID readers do not require installation, just turn on the device and read the tags. Low initial investment cost, richer application scenarios, and more diverse collection functions. Handheld readers are commonly used for inventory taking and are also well suited for tag programming.

Longer Reading Range

Based on R2000 module, equipped with high-performance four-arm spiral antenna, which makes its RFID long-distance reading performance excellent. Outdoor open environment reading distance can be up to 20 meters. Exceeds the existing industry level by more than 40%.

Faster Reading Rate

Support multi-tag reading, reading rate of 200Tag/s, accurate inventory 2000 tags in 10S (test with Impinj H47 label, affected by the tag and the environment).

rfid fast inventory

More Flexible Expansion

It can be customized with RFID, NFC, PSAM, 1D and 2D barcode and other functional modules for expansion, one machine for mutliple uses, easy to handle.

Rugged Design, More Durable

IP65 sealing reliability. Resistant to 1.5m free fall and fully dustproof. Rugged design for maximum uptime, yet is lightweight with the right ergonomics for all-day comfort. Customers can count on it to support their most demanding applications.

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Enhanced Platform

Hi-speed 2.0GHz octa-core processor;

Latest powerful and secure Android 10 architecture;

Larger capacity battery pack for powering full shifts;

Large display that provides more space to view business critical data.

Considerations When Buying UHF Handheld RFID Readers
android handheld uhf rfid reader
#1 What operating system will the RFID handheld be running?

Android 10 OS. Most RFID handhelds have Android software.

#2 Does the frequency of RFID handheld match our RFID tags?

The RFID handheld works on the UHF RFID frequency 865~868MHz or 902~928Mhz, which is different from countries regulation. It can match any UHF RFID tags.

#3 How to develop the RFID application software for our project?

RFID demo software and API SDK will be provided for free, so that you will use it to integrate the captured data with your back office system, such as PigExpert App.

Our Happy Clients!

Thomas Maxwell

“We use this scanner without our manufacturing operation to track inventory through our process. They have been consistently working for us for years. Large screen — easy to see and touch. Familiar android user interface helps workers figure out how to work the device and also allows for custom rfid application development. Great customer service — I have always gotten very quick feedback from their team when I had minor issues with the scanner. Overall, I highly recommend these scanners. I have tried a few “smart” scanners and this product is by far the most superior product I have used.”​

Michael Jamerson

“This handheld is an amazing tool for the custom application our company developed for our client. It is very durable in their warehouse setting, and an valuable tool for inventory control system. The scanner is easy to use and dependable. When we required some technical support for the initial setup, MUNBYN was very easy to communicate with, and resolved our questions quickly. Thanks for offering a great product, and we look forward to doing more business in the future.”​

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YIIRO offer a wide variety of UHF RFID readers to present a faster, more flexible, and effective data collection solution to fulfill tracking tasks from unique data entry to identification and analysis. We have a flexible production capacity and design capabilities to meet different customer needs.

How to Choose the Right UHF RFID Reader Writer?

We offer UHF RFID readers a variety of form factors and price categories. If you need further instructions or recommendations for your application, we will be happy to help you!

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