Wholesale Long Range UHF RFID Readers

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Wholesale Long Range UHF RFID Readers
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We have a full range of products for the RFID industry, easy to deploy and use. Our engineers test all products to verify that they meet export standards. You can confidently build your RFID system with the hardware and products found here.
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Integrated RFID readers combine an RFID reader and RFID antenna in one device. Support communication interface RS485, Wiegand 26/34, RJ45 and Relay. Cost saving, easy to install and long range performance. They are a good way to start an RFID system. RFID reader is a radio frequency transmitter and receiver that reads and writes information to RFID tags.

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RFID fixed readers from Yiiro provide consistency in high performance. Our RFID readers provide the powerful features needed to start a successful RFID system. RFID readers can also be connected to multiple antennas to cover a larger scope of data collection.

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Handheld RFID readers are mobile devices that offer flexibility in reading RFID tags while still allowing real-time communication with a host computer or other smart device. Portable or mobile RFID readers can be installed or carried almost anywhere.

Top Reviews

We resell the readers for over 5 years and almost no complaints from users. Good range, easy to set and tech support was awesome. I would highly recommend the integrated readers for RFID applications.

– Alexey K.


The items are complete and the device works as expected. The reason why i bought directly from them was because of the customer support. They have excellent after-sales service! Shipping was fast also.

– Adal G.


Contacted support for assistance with configuring scan settings and received a really fast response with an answer to my issue and followed up. The reader itself is pretty easy to use and performing as expected.

– Ayyoob S.

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YIIRO offer a wide variety of UHF RFID readers to present a faster, more flexible, and effective data collection solution to fulfill tracking tasks from unique data entry to identification and analysis. We have a flexible production capacity and design capabilities to meet different customer needs.
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If you don’t need additional designs, just the standard product, we have the inventory to support fast delivery.

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A team of specialists will help you get up-and-running on Yiiro solution in just a few short steps! we also provide full online and onsite technical support and customer service.


We guarantee you the affordable price and highest quality among all the manufacturers.


Hardwares come with 1-year warranty and lifetime service.


Yiiro production is flexible and will meet your requirements of ordering varying quantities.

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Whether you want to have your logo on the product or specified chips or want to design its system differently, we can help you.

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