The Top 12 Common Uses of RFID

After analyzing RFID applications, RFID technology shows competitive advantages over barcode technology. First of all, RFID allows for tracing every single item in a batch with an identification number per object. At the second place, RFID makes possible to read all the ID numbers in a box or pallet at the same time. At the third place, RFID offers the storage of more information per item which is updated in real-time. At last but not least, thanks to RFID you can read the RFID labels without manual direct sight-line. As a result, RFID systems are faster, more reliable, and they are the most cost-effective solution.

Here’s a list of main RFID applications you can find in your daily life, so use these ideas to spark your creative juices so you can use RFID in your own solutions.

  1. Traceability in the supply chain
  2. Logistics and inventory in the retail industry
  3. Security control for jewelry and cosmetics
  4. IT asset tracking
  5. Libraries
  6. Files and archives
  7. Tool tracking
  8. Laundry management
  9. Sports timing
  10. Human traceability and access control in facilities
  11. Traceability of animals
  12. Vehicle tracking

If you have a great idea for a use for RFID but you are not sure how to implement it, contact us. Our specialists will find the right solution for you.