The 5 Advantages of UHF RFID Handheld Reader in Stock Inventory

The stock inventory is extremely important in warehouse management operations. Inventory items and data are very large, and the placement, quantity and type of items in the warehouse inventory area make the inventory workload very heavy. Most of the traditional inventory management through manual records or bar code, not only time-consuming but also requires a lot of manpower, manual errors and omissions lead to inaccurate data and other problems. The disadvantages of traditional warehouse management: low informationization, increasing number of material types, sharp increase in the frequency of entry and exit, large management losses, too many manual operations lead to low efficiency of warehouse operations, inventory operations are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and other problems, which bring considerable challenges to inventory management. So how to make the stock inventory more quickly and efficiently?

The application of RFID technology to warehouse inventory management can more effectively improve the efficiency of inventory counting, saving a lot of time, manpower and material resources, reducing the error rate and the probability of damage to goods, to achieve a fast and accurate inventory count, and improve the overall transparency of enterprise logistics.

rfid inventory

Combined with RFID technology in warehouse management, RFID electronic tags are attached to each package and pallet of goods, the specific information of the goods written in the tag, storage location and other details, the staff only need to take the RFID handheld terminal around the goods a circle, or carry the handheld terminal in the unloading and loading process to read the information of each piece of goods, UHF RFID handheld terminal automatically collects relevant information and record, upload data easily and quickly, using RFID handheld terminals can be batch scanning inventory, greatly improving the speed of inventory, improve management efficiency.

Compared with the traditional barcode scanning gun, UHF RFID handheld terminal overcomes the following problems: 1, the barcode cannot be scanned normally under the condition of poor light conditions; 2, only one barcode can be scanned at a time, which is inefficient; 3, the barcode label is easy to break or fall off, if this happens, it will be difficult for the scanner to identify; 4, the barcode scanning gun must be in close proximity and no object blocking the situation, in order to read the barcode.

uhf rfid stock inventory

The advantages of UHF RFID handheld reader applied in the stock inventory:

  • Able to identify objects from a distance, rather than a close range like bar codes. Like uhf rfid handheld reader YRH101, it’s possible to get the scanning distance up to 20 meters.
  • No need to align, can penetrate the external packaging to read data, not afraid of oil, surface damage, environmental darkness and other harsh environments.
  • Can simultaneously read hundreds of objects in batch, automatic scanning, to achieve rapid inventory effect.
  • Can significantly reduce the manual errors caused by visual inspection, handwriting and manual input, and reduce labor costs by shortening inventory time.
  • Ensure the stable operation of production through accurate inventory data management.
stock inventory

UHF RFID handheld reader can complete a series of warehousing management work such as product inbound collection, outbound collection, inventory, commodity query, data import, etc., to avoid wrong inventory, omission or multiple inventory, no need to follow the product type order inventory, multiple products can be batch inventory at the same time. Application of RFID technology can be non-contact, automatic collection, storage of large quantities, multi-item information read simultaneously to help inventory efficient management.

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