How to Choose the Best Handheld Inkjet Printer?

The handheld inkjet printer is widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverages, wine, etc., as well as various steel pipes and woven bags, gypsum board, etc., because of its portable, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, and customizable character height and size according to customer requirements. Handheld inkjet printers are also suitable for coding large or difficult-to-handle items. Application scenarios can be in workshops, warehouses, logistics freight yards, offices, etc., and it can print production date, serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling code (or invisible characters), company name, graphic icons, etc.


Here are some more factors to consider before buying a portable handheld printer:

The Intended Application

Start by deciding what you want the machine to do. Look for a printer that satisfies your current and future printing needs without having superfluous features that aren’t worth it.

For example, you need to know how many products we need to print. If you need to print many products quickly in a short time, the laser marking machine is your best choice. Grab hold of a handheld inkjet printer if you only need a small batch of printing products (like less than 100). If you want something that will etch into metal or plastic-like engraving, then try out the dot peen marking machine.

In addition, you need to check the height of the printed information, and whether it will exceed the limit of the handheld printer guns, most of the handheld printers have a printing height of 12.7mm or 25.4mm. If the height of the character to be printed exceeds this height, you need to choose a large character handheld inkjet printer with printing height of 50mm.


The most important thing to consider when purchasing a handheld printer is the quality of its printing. A device with a touch screen is more convenient to use. Furthermore, the lighter in weight, the smaller in size, the easier to carry around.

You should ask your supplier if it can print in 360-degrees, how many colors are supported by different ink cartridges with varying hues, and whether or not you have access to USB connectivity so that you can import designs using flash drives.

Ink Cartridges

A solvent cartridge is a quick-drying ink used on many surfaces such as packaging bags, boxes, cosmetics, household goods, and more. Some printers will be cheap, but you have to buy OEM cartridges which are significantly higher in price than third-party ones. Before you make your purchase, it’s important to consult with the supplier about handling ink cartridges.


While many online resources sell handheld inkjet printers, the price range is between $300 to as high as $1,000 and depends on the functionalities. Some offers give better prices depending on how much you want to purchase.

  • The differences between function and core technology are mainly reflected in the difference of software function. For example, the software version and technical requirements for printing variable barcodes and variable QR codes are higher than ordinary date printing, and the prices are differen for different system applications.
  • The assembly process determines the wear rate of the consumable parts, software technology determines its application range, and hardware technology determines its service life. The equipment tested by the market will be more convincing.
  • A good handheld inkjet printer is not only rich in functions, but more importantly, it is stable and reliable in use, has a low failure rate, and has a long service life. The brand guarantee makes the product quality control more perfect.


If a machine has limited capabilities, it can be frustrating to use. For example, your options will be very restricted if you buy something that only prints in the Comic Sans font and cannot support multiple languages. To ensure this doesn’t happen when purchasing new equipment, check what software is supported, the different features such as fonts or languages or shapes of printed items before buying any! The software that the machine you choose is operating on can dictate to a large extent how easy it will be for you.

Pre-sale and After-sale Services

Before you buy, a good supplier can recommend the right products and solutions for your needs.

After purchase, they provide perfect after-sales guarantee service with full product use instructions to help you get started quickly!

Although the failure rate of the handheld inkjet printer is extremely low, in case you have encountered some problems in the daily use of handheld inkjet printer, they will respond positively and deal with it quickly, so that the machine can return to normal in the shortest time. You can refer to this article How to Troubleshoot Handheld Inkjet Printer Issues.


We hope this post has given some insight into which product is right for you! If you need further instructions or recommendations, feel free to contact us!