The RFID solution for metals is designed to avoid the RFID malfunction since metals negatively affect the RFID’s performance. As a rule, the RFID label cannot be in contact with metals. That’s why this RFID label for metals is set on foam. In this case, the RFID label is adhesive, so you can attach the label on metal and the foam avoids the contact with the RFID inlay. In addition, this RFID tag is flexible and printable. It’s the perfect RFID solution for devices like laptops and electrical appliances.


The RFID smart label was specially designed to works on metallic and non-metallic assets. Furthermore, the label can incorporate human readable printing, barcodes, and graphics.

Our RFID tag for metals has an extremely low profile, and it’s flexible to suit curved surfaces such as the contour of metallic cylinders and drums. It also is compliant to EPC global UHF Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standards. It also is cost-effective and versatile for a wide range of applications. These applications are from product authentication, and IT asset tracking, until the global tracking of assets shipped, or anti-counterfeiting of high-value items and medical supplies.

Are implementing and RFID system and you need to track metallic items? Then contact us to talk about what’s your better option to do that.

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