The RFID solutions for logistics gather a wide range of RFID solutions. You can find them in almost every business process. For example, from tracking returnable transport units in the supply chain to retail inventory management. The automatic control of logistics is one of the major challenges nowadays and RFID technology is an essential tool for that. You can find more information about RFID logistics and how it improves companies competitiveness in our article linked here.


Automatic management with RFID technology has the capacity to significantly improve global logistics chains. And it also increases the overall efficiency of the identification processes. Major retailers and their suppliers are already tagging pallets, cases and other returnable transport items(RTIs) like plastic crates used for fresh foods. On the other hand, logistics also is the control of retailers inventory. That’s why logistics is so wide and complex.


As we already have said, the definition of logistics gets together a lot of business processes. Below you can find the main benefits of automatic control of logistics with RFID technology.

For Manufacturers

  • Better customer service
  • Process optimization
  • Faster billing
  • Optimization of shipping papers

For Distributors

  • Higher shipping accuracy
  • Faster and more reliable deliveries
  • Better traceability
  • Greater cost savings

For Retailers

  • Faster processes
  • Less out of stocks
  • Faster processes
  • Better customer service


The digitization of all processes optimizes the speed, efficiency and profitability of all processes by improving:

  • inventory management,
  • warehouse,
  • transport,
  • procurement,
  • asset control,
  • staffed,
  • and exchange with suppliers.

As well as the realization and management of metrics to analyze and execute continuous improvement strategies. The system that makes this leap to the digitization of all processes possible is RFID logistics.


In a very short way, we will define that RFID systems and solutions allow us to identify an object with a unique code for its exact real-time traceability, being able to read these codes an masse and without direct line of sight at different distances, which can range from the contact to the 10cm (HF RFID), to the 12m (UHF RFID with passive tags), up to 30m (UHF RFID with active tags).

The update of logs in databases in real-time, at the same time, that the event happens. RFID technology also allows to automate logistics processes without human intervention, update the data and share it within the system and with external partners at high speed and with total precision.


In Spain, 52% of RFID tags consumed are used for RFID systems in logistics.1 The rest is applied in access control, in control of machinery and consumables of the health industry and also in hospitality, in product safety in retail business, in sports and production timing, or in the improvement of the end customer experience, among others. In addition, RFID tags can meet various traceability, security and marketing needs.

Logistics has not been alien to the digital transformation that has redefined our society over the past two decades, from people to organizations. In some ways, the change has been generated as defensive and adaptive strategies to changes in consumer behaviour, changes in international communications or changes in manufacturing processes. However, it has ended up being revealed as a powerful opportunity generator.

Opportunities for greater efficiency and also of greater profits, both implying greater competitiveness of the company. A key case as an example is e-commerce.

Faced with the huge increase in transactions in the digital age, logistics has faced the challenge by becoming faster, safer, more reliable, more flexible, and also more profitable. These changes have been made possible to the adoption of new technologies and systems such as RFID, BlockChain, Big Data, CRM and ERP.

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