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How to Troubleshoot Handheld Inkjet Printer Issues?

Although the failure rate of the handheld inkjet printer is extremely low, in the daily use of handheld inkjet printer have encountered some problems. Generally speaking, the working principle of handheld inkjet printers is relatively simple, as long as the operator master the common

How to Choose the Best Handheld Inkjet Printer?

The handheld inkjet printer is widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverages, wine, etc., as well as various steel pipes and woven bags, gypsum board, etc., because of its portable, large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, and customizable character height and size according to

What Is Handheld Inkjet Printer?

Traditional inkjet printers have been used to print product specifications and expiry dates on products. However, the latest handheld inkjet printers with the increased convenience of printing in warehouses and stores without power cables or weight restrictions, it has become a trend among companies